Legal notice and protection of privacy

General information

We would like to point out that our approach to healing is neither scientifically proven nor generally scientifically accepted. We are neither doctors nor alternative practitioners, but we engage ourselves exclusively in the energetic effect on living entities. Therefore ALLERGIE-IMMUN`s´ approach to healing is not a substitute for a visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner. We do not provide diagnosis in a conventional medicinal sense.


According to German jurisdiction we would like to ´clarify´ a few basic facts.

All analysis and technology offered on this homepage serve your personal development (selfness), recovery and harmonization of your chakras (wellness and prevention for a balanced health).They do not represent a conventional treatment.

According to this the energetic analysis, treatment and consultation are by no means a substitute for a doctors´ diagnosis and treatment, neither are they a substitute for psychological or physiological treatments or examinations or a therapy in the medicine field.

At no time (whether it be before, during or after the above mentioned techniques) do we interpret symptoms, diagnose, suggest or evaluate therapies or medication for the user of our method.

We advise our clients early on (when they start using our method) in writing that for a diagnosis and therapy they need to contact their doctor, psychiatrist, therapist or medical practitioner.

Legal disclaimer

1.Content of online offer

The operator of this website (us) assumes no liability for the correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. All claims against the operator are excluded unless the operator is involved in intentional or reckless behavior that can be proved. These claims refer to material or non-material damage which may be caused by the use (disuse) of the presented information or by the use of incorrect or incomplete information.

All offers are non-binding. We reserve the right to change, complete, erase or cancel parts of or the whole website or to temporarily or finally cease publication without any further notice.

No promise to heal/cure

We would like to point out that we do not promise healing/ a cure on our website. We may only share our positive experience with you.

2.Reference and links

When referring directly or indirectly to other websites (hyperlinks) that are beyond our responsibility we would only be liable if we had full knowledge of their content and we had the technology to prevent the use in case of illegal content of those sites.

We would like to state expressively that at the time of the set-up (hyperlinks) no illegal content could be identified in those links. We have absolutely no influence on the hyperlinks´ current and future layout, content or authorship. Therefore we dissociate ourselves distinctly from all contents of hyperlinks which have been altered after set-up. This statement applies to all of the following: visitors´ entries in guest books, forums, lists of links, mailing lists and in all other forms of data bases where external access in writing is possible. The provider of a specific website we ´hyperlinked´ is solely responsible for any illegal, incomplete or faulty content and particularly any damage resulting from the (non-) use of the information offered. We only refer to those links but assume no responsibility for them in those cases.

3.Copyright and Registered Trademarks

We are endeavored to observe copyright of used images, charts, sound documents, video sequences and texts and to use and draw on self-created or license-free images, charts, sound documents, video sequences and texts.

All trademarks and brand names that are protected by copyright and mentioned in our Internet offer are fully subject to the regulations of their valid registered trademark and copyright of their righteous owner. The mere mentioning of their names does not conclude that trademarks are not protected by a third party.

Copyright for self-created objects published by us remain with us (operator of website). It is not allowed to copy or use such images, sound documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications without our explicit approval.

4.Protection of privacy

If part of the internet offer is the submission of personal or business data (email address, names, address) the exposure of this data is expressly on a voluntary basis. The use and payment of all offers – if technically possible and reasonable – is also allowed without such data or by using anonymous data or alias. Forwarding information (address, phone and fax numbers or email address) to third parties that has not been specifically asked for is not allowed. This statement refers to the information included in the legal notice. We reserve the right for legal action should this prohibition be violated, especially for senders of so called spam mails.

5.Legal effect of this disclaimer

This legal disclaimer may be viewed as part of our internet offer from which we refer to this site. Should parts or individual formulations of this document not, no more or not fully correspond to the valid legal position then the remaining parts of the document and its content and validity shall remain unaffected.